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Learn what startup investors are looking for

We startup founders tell the investors all sorts of things to convince them we understand the problem in the market, have the perfect solution, know our metrics, have a huge opportunity, fantastic team, blah, blah, blah. But what are the investors really hearing? What are they actually looking for? This Masterclass has the answers.

Learn how to successfully pitch investors

How do you find investors? How do you talk to investors once you've found them? What do you send to the investors? Do investors still read Business Plans? What the heck is a deck? How do you show the investors that you're not wasting their time? What are the different types of startup pitches you need to master? Take the Pitching Masterclass and you'll find out.

Learn and master the fundraising game

The good old days where all it took to get funding was a half-assed idea and an OK team are over. Be prepared to know your MAU, DAU, CAU, CAC vs LTV, TAM, SAM, SOM, BMC, Churn, Growth Rate, Engagement Rate, Cohort Analytics, WTF, etc. In this Masterclass you'll learn to master your metrics and stoke fear of missing out on your funding round amongst investors.

Learn with no bullsh!t guaranteed

From startup founder for startup founders. I've pitched some of the most famous investors and startup events in the world and I want to help you save time and embarrassment by avoiding the basic mistakes so you can relax and stay confident and not look like an idiot to investors.

Learn how to master your pitch

In less than a couple of hours. All slides included as download for your convenience. You'll also find a list of online resources and suggestions for further reading.

And it doesn't end there. Join the monthly peer-review meetups online or book a private exclusive online session to practice and improve your pitch.

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Who is behind this Masterclass?

Image of Vidar Andersen

You might have reservations and doubts about the value and relevance of the Pitching Masterclass to you. I get it; There's a myriad of "experts" and "coaches" selling you promises of fast and easy solutions and a pony too out there. All I can say is, if in doubt - take a minute to google me. I'll be here waiting.

Hi! I’m Vidar Andersen and I don’t talk about myself in the third person. I’m a Norwegian startup founder living in Germany. I tend to found tech startups to scratch my own itches. My main "hobby" is spreading education on how (not) to build startups to students and startup support organisations as a certified Lean Launchpad Educator trained at Stanford by Steve Blank - the father of the Lean Startup movement, and to founders as a very modest cap table position in early-stage tech startups.

Image of The Rheinland Pitch

I've helped over 1.700 startups just like yours pitch investors successfully since 2013 as a co-founder, pitching educator, and moderator of the monthly Rheinland Pitch - Germany's (and maybe even Europe's) largest startup pitch event.

My goal is take this to the next level by helping over 100.000 founders pitch investors over the next years. That's why I created this online Masterclass to make it more accessible and reach more founders faster.

On my entrepreneurial journeys so far, I've had the fortune to pitch some of the most famous and well-respected startup investors and tech journalists out there and I've been invited to pitch publicly on stage around the world. It's been a roller coaster ride that has taken me from the frontpage of The New York Times, CNN and TechCrunch to helping other founders succeed faster.

Because one of the things I learned from my Silicon Valley mentors is the importance of helping others like you. So I'm sharing from my pitching experience to help you understand what investors are looking for, master your pitch and successfully raise that round - so you can move on to the more important things of building a great product and growing your business.

My presentations on startups and pitching have been featured multiple times internationally by e.g. LinkedIn SlideShare's "Slide of the Day", and Germany's largest business publication "Wirtschafts Woche" named me "one of the most important people in the German startup scene".

Another image of a Rheinland Pitch finals

Who is this Masterclass for?

If your experience is anthything like mine, you probably have a million problems right now - and wondering about how to find investors and how to successfully pitch them shouldn't be one of them. I should know. I've been there too. That's why I made the Pitching Masterclass for others to go farther faster and avoid my mistakes.

This Masterclass is for early-stage startups looking to raise a round of financing from startup investors. It's for pre-seed, seed, to maybe even series A funding rounds. Let me take a minute to clarify who this Masterclass is *NOT* for, in the video excerpt from the Masterclass below:



You can also book me for a personal Masterclass if you're representing a startup support program like an incubator or accelerator, an organisation, a corporate looking for help on pitching internal ventures, or an event organizer who wants to up the quality of the pitches going to be put on display.

Because of my previous life between 1997 and 2010 successfully pitching global corporations and GOs for millions of dollars in contracts, I'm also from time to time hired to help with creating and pitching high-stakes projects.

By the way; If you're a startup in or around Germany - you should apply for the next round of the Rheinland Pitch (Germany's largest startup pitch event) to receive free pitch training by me in person.

People I've Pitched in Person

Image of people Vidar has pitched in person

Some of the people I've pitched in person include Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee, Investor), Don Dodge(Microsoft, Google Ventures), Steve Blank (father of the Lean Startup, Angel Investor), Robert Scoble (Tech Blogger Legend), Lori Greiner (Investor, Shark Tank), Yossi Vardi (Mensch, Legendary Israeli Investor), Mike Butcher (Mr. TechCrunch Europe), Zach Klein (Founder Vimeo, Investor), Ben Parr (Ex Mashable), Robin Wouters (TNW,, John Bradford (TechStars London), Daisuke Minamide (Investor, NTT DoCoMo, CyberAgent Ventures), Lars Hinrichs (Founder XING, Investor), Christian Thaler Wolsky (Investor, Wellington Partners, Paua Ventures), Christoph Janz (Mr. SaaS Metrics, Managing Partner Point Nine Capital), Daniel Waterhouse (Partner, Balderton), Kurt Müller (Partner, Target Partners), Philipp Möhring (SeedCamp, Angel List), Gilad Novik (Investor, Horizon Ventures) and many more.

Places I've Pitched on Stage

Image of events where Vidar has pitched on stage

Some of the places I've been invited to pitch my own startups on stage include South By Southwest (SxSW) in Austin TX, the Web Summit in London, Le Web in Paris, Tech Cocktail in Austin, C'n'B in Cologne, Pirate Summit Cologne, Campus Party Berlin and more.

The contents of the Masterclass

My Pitching Masterclass consists of over one hour of easy to follow segmented and on-demand videos plus a comprehensive companion slide deck for more details and so you don't have to take notes.

Here's the table of contents of what I cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. The state of the investment landscape right now
  3. How to find investors
  4. How the game of startup financing works
  5. How to raise a round with no lead investor
  6. What startup investors are looking for
  7. What the three types of startup pitches are and how to use them
  8. The High Concept Pitch - The one-liner or the X for Y pitch
  9. The Elevator Pitch - The cocktail party summary
    1. Traction
    2. Product
    3. Team
    4. Social Proof
  10. The Pitch Deck - The 13 magic slides to an investment
    1. Cover
    2. Mission
    3. Summary
    4. Team
    5. Problem
    6. Solution
    7. Tech
    8. Marketing
    9. Sales
    10. Competition
    11. Milestones
    12. Conclusion
    13. Financing
  11. What is the difference between pitching before and after you have launched?
  12. The Startup Metrics you need to know and track
  13. Further Reading + Online Resources

Image of the course running on a laptop

This Masterclass is for the early-stage startup entrepreneur who wants to successfully raise money from investors. Watch anywhere, pick up where you left off at any time, watch as many times you need. Rinse, lather, repeat to pitch like a pro. Get smart, get funded.

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